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Startup Schools in Boston

Startup Institute CEO Aaron O'Hearn

Startups should be scalable and The Startup Institute, formally known as the Boston Startup School, is no different. The Startup Institute is an eight-week program for professionals who are looking to gain the hard and soft skills needed to thrive in the chaotic environment of a startup. The program has four tracks that include web development, product and design, marketing and sales/business development.

“We’re trying to change professional education by coupling it directly to industry,” said Aaron O’Hearn, CEO of Startup Institute, in an interview with ReadWrite. “Right now, education doesn’t prepare people to be great employees for small companies.” Originnaly a branch of Techstars Boston and created to help local startups scale and hire, The Startup Institute has rebranded and expanded to Chicago and New York.

These “Startup schools” are becoming very popular in the industry and the Boston area. Intelligent.ly, a professional development firm for start-ups, is also based in Boston’s Innovation District. This is a growing trend with many of these organizations popping up in startup sectors across the country.